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Reasonable Risk

Sep 27, 2017

Jeanne Ikerd joins me on Reasonable Risk this week to discuss a very personal topic that comes with unique risks, rewards and decisions - polyamory.  Plus, the negotiation dojo is back and we answer the burning question - can a couple actually live in New York City on only $500,000 a year?!

Financial Samurai - Scraping...

Sep 20, 2017

This week on Reasonable Risk I'm joined by Andrew Torrez, co-host of the Opening Arguments podcast. Andrew is more than just a podcaster, he’s also a Harvard Law alumnus who takes his podcasting knowledge far beyond his own show, as the attorney for many other successful podcasts.  This conversation covers a lot of...

Sep 13, 2017

This week's guest is the prolific author, podcaster, and trans activist Marissa McCool. Ris has faced and continues to face risks every day of a different type and level than most of us, as an outspoken activist for trans rights.

Plus, Maxim wants men to believe their partner is happier the uglier the man is, and a life...

Sep 6, 2017

iTunes Review-- Pleeeeezzzze

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This week, credulity reigns on Facebook, negotiation lesson 2, and a a conversation on recidivism and other risks and misperception of risk in the criminal justice system with forensic psychologist and co-host...