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Dec 13, 2017

This week my guest on Reasonable Risk is Michael Drane, psychotherapist and Host of the Unpopular Culture Podcast, which blends psychology with true crime with psychology, a dash of conspiracy theory, and all things psychologically off-kilter.

Unpopular Culture Podcast

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I was a guest on Utah Outcasts, episodes 151 and 152 this week.  We had a fun time recording - give it a listen!

Utah Outcasts Episode 151

Utah Outcasts Episode 152

Segment 1:  Police shooting of Daniel Shaver

AZ Central - Ex-Mesa Officer Philip Brailsford found not guilty of murder in shooting of unarmed man

Fox 4 - Jury determining fate of ex-Arizona officer accused of killing Granbury man

AZ Central - Ex-Mesa officer charged with murder: I reacted correctly

Washington Post - Graphic video shows Daniel Shaver sobbing and begging officer for his life before 2016 shooting

What Would You Recommend? 

Coco - Disney/Pixar (2017)

Pixar’s Coco called ‘rip-off’ by angry fans of similar Day of the Dead film

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