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Mar 7, 2018

Be Almost as Cool as an Early Adopter!  Our Early Adopter spots filled fast, but don't worry about it - you're still cool and you can almost be as cool as them.  Reasonable Risk is now on Patreon, and we sure would appreciate any contribution you can make, to help us make Reasonable Risk continue with even better guests, content, and bonuses!  RR on Patreon - Donate for Bonuses Here!

Author RL Bays new book is "No Such Thing as Ghosts: A Brief Guide to Critical Thinking".  RL takes on such irrational beliefs as faith healing and anti-vaxxers, and how to critically think our way to facts.  Plus, United Airlines makes an idiotic move leaving tens of thousands of employees irate, and I talk subscriptions, from knives to cars.

RL Bays Website

There Are No Such Things As Ghosts by RL Bays on Amazon

Twitter - @RLBays


United Airlines Bonus Lottery

CNN Money - United tried to replace bonuses with a $100,000 lottery

Chicago Business Journal - United Airlines employees shocked: Bonuses replaced with lottery

The Points Guy - United Replaces Employee Bonuses With a Lottery, Significantly Cutting Payouts

Inc. - 17 United Airlines Employee Replies to United's New 'Bonus Lottery'

Peak Rental Economy?  Knife and Car Subscriptions

Fast Company - Your Next Car Might Be A Subscription

US News & World Report - Our Guide to Car Subscription Services

Care by Volvo

Porsche Passport


Scooby Doo Wiki - Scooby Doo, Where are You?

Scooby Doo, Where are You? Theme Song - 1969

Scooby Doo, Where are You? Full Episodes Playlist on YouTube

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