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Mar 28, 2018

Neville Johnson has been called a "Hollywood Power Attorney" by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.  The LA Times called him "One of the most feared litigators in Hollywood".  He's taken on the studios and guilds in class actions on the side of creative talent. That's not all, he's a recording and touring musician, and an author who has studied and written about legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden's contributions to leadership ideals.  Plus, Michael was wrong, and just in time for Easter...a recommendation involving a second coming.

Neville Johnson - Johnson & Johnson LLP - Bio

Trevor McShane - Neville Johnson's Musician Alter Ego

Woodenisms by Neville Johnson

LA Times - 'Go-to' L.A. lawyer says Hollywood studios are shortchanging his clients



Wikipedia - Flip-Flop (politics)

New York Times - First Usage of "Flip-Flop"


The Stone Roses - "Second Coming" (1994)

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